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Transform your space with Glowup® luminous products, providing a beautiful and energy-efficient solution for both day and night.


What places can be used for outdoor decoration?

Home garden decorations

Community public decorations

amusement park

Indoor play center

golf club

holiday and anniversary decorations

Urban Artistic Decoration

GlowUp® is here to support you and your projects through collaborative efforts between our technical teams. With over two decades of experience and extensive collaboration across various fields, we specialize in creating optimal glow effects and providing high-quality noctilucent products and solutions. We are eager to share our expertise to facilitate your bulk production needs.

Let’s work together to elevate the quality of noctilucent decorations to new heights. We look forward to collaborating with you!

Les trois couleurs principales de la poudre qui brille dans le noir


The newly installed glow-in-the-dark track in the park combines glow stones and UV lights, ensuring both safety and aesthetics. GlowUp® glow stones, made from UV-resistant and aging-resistant glass gravel, are paired with UV pathway lights on both sides, allowing them to fully charge and emit light even on cloudy days. This design aims to provide a safe, well-lit walking environment for citizens after dinner, utilizing renewable solar energy to achieve zero electricity consumption and zero carbon dioxide emissions.

In theme park design, glow materials such as glow powder and paint are often used to create unique experiences. These photoluminescent pigments absorb light during the day and emit light at night, producing various glowing effects, from subtle accents to striking visual displays, enhancing the immersive experience for visitors.

In theme park design and some cultural tourism projects

Electric UV Light

Voltage: 85-265V
Power: 4-240W
Wavelength: 395-400NM
Waterproof Grade: IP66
Warranty: 2 years

Solar UV Light

Power: 45W
Wavelength: 395-400NM
Waterproof Grade: IP66
Warranty: 2 years