screen printing

Screen Printing

Glow in the dark screen printing can be used for clothing, cups, security signs, and other indoor decorations. For example, it can be used for public security, traffic, fire, and other special workplace clothing. it make the product work as reminder and improve the visibility of itself.
Whether you use it as an emergency reminder, a personal identification mark or a thoughtful logo, our luminous powder will be there for you.

We have specially developed high brightness grade glow in the dark pigment that can emit higher brightness and longer afterglow.When the glow in the dark pigment is used in the screen printing process, the particle size of the glow in the dark pigment should be smaller than the mesh of the screen, otherwise, the glow in the dark pigment cannot pass through the screen and cannot achieve a good luminous effect.Please feel free to consult us for the selection of specific particle size.

If ink is water-based, you need to use waterproof glow in the dark pigment, the more transparent the ink is, the better, If the substrate is transparent or dark, white ink can be printed as a base to improve the luminous effect.


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