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glow in the dark powder mixed with plastic

Glow in the dark powder can be mixed with various transparent and colorless plastics material, such as PP, PE, PET, PVC, ABS, PLA, PS, AS, Surlyn resin and so on to create a variety of luminous plastic products.For example, you can make various glowing parts or accessories,glowing plastic cups or container by injection molding equipment or you can make glowing master batches,glowing 3D cables by extrusion machines and more!

Our factory has developed a special glow in the dark powder for applying to plastic material. Compared with ordinary glow in the dark powder, it is not easy to blacken when used for injection molding or extrusion ,and it’s brightness level is higher.

Glow in the dark powder comes in different colors and particle sizes, you need to choose one according to your application and process requirements. glow in the dark powder is non-toxic and environmentally friendly without any radiation , so you do not need to have concerns about radiation or health issue while using


In the end products, the percentage of glow in the dark powder shall not exceed 10% – 15% at most, otherwise it’s easy to be blacken. The specific proportion needs to be comprehensively considered by the customer according to the cost and testing situation

Use while mixing to prevent precipitation.

Do not grind.

Decrease friction in the production process.

luminous master batch has better dispersion, and glow in the dark powder is better cost performance.

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