Glow in the dark powder colors, including natural colors, dyed colors and red series.

How are they made, and how to choose colors for different applications?

1.Natural Colors

Natural colors of glow in the dark powder are produced through natural firing. Apart from the classic and brightest Yellow-Green, there are also Blue-Green and Sky-Blue. The brightness follows the order of Yellow-Green > Blue-Green > Sky-Blue. Their afterglow are about 8-12 hours.

glow in the dark powder 1 1

2.Dyed Colors

Dyed colors are the physical mixtures of natural colors and fluorescent dyes. They all have beautiful daytime colors and glow colors. By adjusting their proportions, it can achieve a balance between glow in the dark effect and body color effect. But comparing to nature colors, they have weaker brightness and a shorter afterglow.

glow in the dark powder 1

3.Red Series

This series has unique orange to red colors with weaker brightness and shorter afterglow. But due to its high cost raw material, special formulation, and complex production processes, it has a higher price.

glow in the dark powder2

You can directly purchase finished dyed colors from a glow in the dark powder manufacturer, but if desired, you can also make by yourself by mixing natural powder with fluorescent ones to create your own colors. The lighter color the fluorescent powder, the better the glow effect. Or you can use colorants and pigment pastes. Compared to fluorescent powders, they have higher transparency, can make a better glow in the dark effect.

*Note: The proportion of fluorescent powder, colorants, and pigment pastes should not be too high, with a reference proportion in the thousandths. Excessive addition of them may cover the brightness of the glow in the dark powder. According to color mixing principles, different combinations of colors can create various shades. But it is essential to note that the daytime color and the glow in the dark color may not be perfectly matched. Therefore, when selecting colors, it is better to choose lighter shades.

Then how to choose a suitable color?

It is relative with the using purpose. Two perspectives need to be considered:

1. Functionality: If you use glow in the dark for safe escaping, or outdoor projects like road marking, or anything want with high brightness or long afterglow, it is recommended to choose the brightest natural color Yellow-Green.

2. Decoration: For decorative purposes with lower brightness requirements, such as toys, clothes graffiti, houseware, jewelry or artwork, natural, dyed color, and red series glow in the dark powders can all be chosen.

In summary, the selection of glow in the dark powder colors should be based on functionality, brightness requirements, and personal preferences.