Product RD

In the glow in the dark powder industry, red is a very popular luminous color in addition to the common yellow-green, blue-green, and dark-blue. There are two types of red color available on the market, one is the body color orange-red with luminous color pure red, this pure red is beautiful but is suitable for very limited applications because of the odor. The second category is the body color white with luminous color bright orange-red, although this type does not have the odor, but because the red is orange in color, the customer preferred positive red more.

In order to meet customer demand and supplement the industry gap, our company formally hired Professor Zhang Feng from the School of Basic Chemical Engineering of Dalian University of Technology as a special technical advisor in January 2022 to jointly carry out the research and development of red glow in the dark powder.

After 10 months, the experiment has finally made initial progress. The picture below shows the effect shown in the experimental furnace: the body color of the glow in the dark powder is red, the luminous color is also red, and there is no unpleasant smell.

Next, we will go to the middle furnace to do the enlargement experiment and hope it will go well.