Time: May,2023

Cases:Choice yellow-green waterproof glow in the dark pigment ultra-brightness grade, mix with water-based acrylic paint and related solvents to produce luminous watercolor.

Problem Arising:The customer said he had laid the luminous watercolour sample on the table for 5 minutes. During the daytime,It has a colour difference between the front side and back side,When the customer took the above-mentioned luminous watercolour into a dark room, the part facing up was bright and the part facing down was no.

waterproof glow in the dark pigment 2
waterproof glow in the dark pigment 1 1

Analysis & Solutions:

After fully understanding the client’s questions, we immediately answered them: when the luminous watercolour is laid on a table, the part facing up is constantly absorbing light from the surrounding area, which will be slightly illuminated and appear brighter.  the part facing down is covered and not absorbed light, therefore appearing darker. This is also the same reason for the brightness difference when sample is taken into a dark room.

Therefore, this “colour difference” is the result of uneven light absorption. If you place a luminous watercolour vertically on a table, the whole bottle will absorb light evenly , and there will be no color differences during the daytime. it will also glow evenly in the dark.

Hope this case can help you better understand the features and applications of glow-in-the-dark pigment ,and solve your confusion in the process of using it!